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He collects rare coins in the United States and amassed $100,000 in a year


Collecting objects and coins is the passion of many people, who years later discover their true value. Zack Arnold stands out among them, because the interest that he has always felt for ancient things, especially for the currencies of the world, became in a machine with which he makes money and reports annual profits of more than 100,000 dollars thanks to his sales and knowledge.

The 34-year-old lives in Florida and works at Arnold Jewelers. His history in collecting began when he was barely 22 years old and had just finished university, with a taste and enthusiasm that came from his father, who showed him the history of the pieces. In an interview with the media The SunArnold gave some details about his collection and broke the myths that associate antiquity with the greatest fortunes: “I have coins from 2000 years ago that are worth 3 dollarsbut I also have one from the last 30 years that reaches US$3,000,” he declared.

A coin that would be worth much more than the metal marks it@thecoinchannel

In so many years of experience in collecting, he has found very rare pieces. among yours, the oldest is from the year 800 BC. However, what makes them attractive has to do with other factors. Zack assured that small errors, even in a coin of recent manufacture, they can be worth as much as $250,000 or more.

For this hobbyist, there is a clear method to success. He prefers to select an item that is worth $5,000 rather than have a hundred coins that are only worth $5. “Every 10 years, those coins make very significant jumps that, if you just collect them and keep them, you will get a significant benefit”Zack stated.

From the recommendation of this specialist, this is a hobby in which those interested can immerse themselves as long as they are willing to know everything about their field. In a way, he pointed out, to be an expert you have to specializeeither in particular in banknotes, coins, ingots, among other branches.

It is essential to choose one and build the experience around it, especially since, in the case of coins, it takes experience to know if one is old or fake. In his career, he has been cheated before. Sometimes he is able to recognize a coin priced at ten dollars which he can then sell for $5,000. However, the benefits are minor. For example, if you buy one for $80,000, you will likely only sell it for $1,000 more.

Although this might scare those who want to follow in his footsteps, the initial investment does not have to be huge. He bought his first collection for $600. He also recommended creating one of your own and learning about market values ​​little by little.

According to this collector, one of the easiest ways coins lose value is if they are cleaned, because with that goes a part of the story. He also warned about fakes, which are even certified: “They are very skilled at this. They steal the certification numbers from the authentic coins and then put another coin on the holder.”

A 25 Cent Coin That Had A Very High Value
A 25 cent coin that had a very high

There are three details that can determine the value of a coin:

These details become more apparent by tilting the coin to the light. If they are valued by the best classification services, such as PCGS or NGC, a more accurate evaluation could be obtained.


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