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Halloween 2022: Fight boredom and have fun with these games


If you don’t have plans to celebration is Halloween 2022 and you plan to stay home, don’t worry, drive away boredom and have fun with these board games.

Halloween and Day of the Dead They are a perfect excuse to gather family and friends on scary nights.

Here we recommend the following titles, specially designed for different groups of people, with whom you will spend an unforgettable evening.

phantom blitz

This game is for children and adults, this fun mental agility game It will put you on the edge of your seat.

For no other reason than to be very aware of which figure is the one to take and before the opponents! In this game there is a series of objects of a specific color in front of all the participants and cards from a deck are revealed that will indicate which object is to be taken.

It seems simple, right? And it is, when the object in question appears as it is with its color. But when no element with its proper color appears on the card, we will have to take the object with the color that does not appear in the illustration. This is where the magic comes to life, because we will have to observe, analyze and conclude in an action just in a couple of seconds. Will you have the courage?

Castle Party

Every year the Pumpkin King invites us to his castle to hold the Fall Ball in his honor. Castle Party is the craziest party in town and, without a doubt, the most unmissable evening for any self-respecting monster. Not to be missed!

The guests are arriving at the Pumpkin King’s castle, gathered in groups and we will try to accommodate them in the great hall. Castle Party This is a “roll and write” type game, where the active player turns over a card with a predetermined shape, and then everyone places a monster card on the table to try to match the shape of the card. letter.

Players draw the monsters on their personal boards and try to group the monsters into families to get the best score. who has organized the wildest and funniest Castle Partye will earn a special place in the Pumpkin King’s heart and win the game. This game is ideal for gamers and players ages 10 and up.

King of Tokyo

Play monster in a big way! In King of Tokyo he takes the role of a giant monster attacking the japanese capital. Become everyone’s favorite giant lizard: Gigasaur! Or the king of all apes: Kong! Or one of the many other monsters that fight for control of its enormous monstrosity.

To win you will have to make multiple rolls of the dice and choose wisely if you do damage to your opponents, if you gain victory points, you generate radioactivity to buy special power cards or, if you are able, until you heal from the damage received.

In a flurry of punches, bites, and power beams, monsters will zip in and out of Tokyo until someone collects 20 stars, or is the last monster alive. The King of Tokyo Monster Box Edition includes, opportunely, the special Halloween expansion (among other extras) with which you can play with two monsters ideal for the date, use costume cards that grant special abilities and you will also have an additional set of orange and black dice to be in tune with the party

Feed on human blood before dawn

Anxiety puts us in the shoes of fearsome bloodthirsty vampires.

straight us to get the maximum number of victory points by hunting humans, carrying out secret missions, obtaining the favor of relatives, learning new skills or collecting the most beautiful rose in the labyrinth. All this over 15 turns and with the condition of returning to the castle before daylight, because after the first light of dawn the vampires die turned to ash.

Players will explore a landscape filled with different zones and routes to collect valuable rewards as they build their hand of cards. Every time they hunt a human or find a familiar, for example, they will add their card to their personal deck. Some cards will add powerful abilities or victory points, but in other cases there will be penalties or certain restrictions. We will have to think very well who to hunt down! 2 to 6 players can participate, from 10 years old, in one-hour games. Escape from terror!

These are some games with which you can have fun this Halloween 2022 if your plan is to stay home and have a good time with your family.

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