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From running a remis to becoming a figure in the United States, the film story of Emiliano Terzaghi

Terzaghi in action.  The captain of Richmond is the USL MVP.

The former Banfield striker was at a crossroads. His father-in-law had arranged a car for him and he was about to retire. But a call came from Richmond and today he is the top scorer and MVP in the USL, the third North American division.

Argentina seems to be trapped in a maze. And in these times when there are not some people who believe that the way out is Eziza, Emiliano Terzaghi He had bet on the country.

Emerging in Banfield’s lower divisions, he played in teams as different as Boca Unidos de Corrientes, Union de Villa Croce or Huracán Las Heras, and finished in San Martín de Burzaco, A situation that puts him in the middle of a football or job search like a neighbor’s son.

The pandemic struck, the club was not going through a good time and salary delays made the situation untenable. “It was getting into something serious or dedicating himself to something else,” the 29-year-old striker admitted. “I had already discussed this with my wife, Ornella, she put me to death, but we also had a reality we couldn’t deny. I couldn’t continue playing without seeing the weight.”

His father-in-law got him a car and Terzaghi began to clear up his goal-scoring illusions to get the idea of ​​getting into a remiss. until, suddenly, the American dream appeared to him.

Terzaghi in action. The captain of Richmond is the USL MVP.

A video was circulating around the Lomas de Zamora-born player who fell into the hands of Darren Savatsky, a veteran of a thousand MLS battles who took the reins of the USL League One team, the Richmond Kickers, who won the First B. was equal. in Argentina. And it gave him an opportunity that Terzaghi did not miss.

In three years, the striker was Three-time Golden Boot winner and three-time MVP, the total record in the history of any official soccer competition. Pele, Cruyff or Beckenbauer, during their experiences in the remembered NASL, could not achieve anything similar. “I blush when they tell me this,” he says, shyly before calling bugle,

emiliano too He is the first player in USL history to score more than 10 goals in three or more seasons. He has scored 17 goals in 2022, the second-highest in a season behind the record which the Argentine himself achieved last year with 18 screams.

At His Apartment In Terzaghi, Virginia, Where He Lives With His Family And Is Happy.
At his apartment in Terzaghi, Virginia, where he lives with his family and is happy.

Today he remembers his arrival in the United States, which was far from being accompanied by a red carpet. “I arrived at an apartment waiting for me with a chair and two chairs. I had nothing, it was cold, I was alone,” he says. “The other day, I learned that the man maintaining the complex was from Argentina and it was like finding an oasis in the desert. From there, I built on what I have achieved in these three years”, he emphasized.

After some time came his wife and younger daughter Josephina, who was with him in all of them. “It was very important,” admits the MVP. “They have been marked here before and after. Today we go on the field together, they enjoy the stadium a lot and have become part of the heart of the club”, he says.

Those first cold days were the beginning of a great story. With all the chances against him, the former Banfield fell into the heart of a North American fan. Currently, field 32 is filled with shirts with the number and last name of the scorer.

When He Played At Banfield.  Shouting Round, In The Photo, Celebrating With Cazares.  This Was In 2014.
When he played at Banfield. Shouting round, in the photo, celebrating with Cazares. This was in 2014.

“Richmond is part of our lives, it’s our home,” Terzaghi says. “EMI: Taking a Chance”Documentary interview that can be seen on YouTube with which the kickers thank the Argentine striker for the past three years of happiness.

And this “Take a Chance” (“Take advantage of an opportunity”, in Spanish) cannot better define the story that links Terzaghi with the USL team, one of the historic football teams that now play in the Third Division.

Although his football future is still unclear, Emiliano explains that, with the support of his family, he would like to live in the United States for many more years: “Let’s see what happens in these weeks. We were the regular season champions, but unfortunately we were knocked out in the playoffs. Beyond this bad experience, it’s been a very positive year and we still have a lot to offer.”

Inspired by his current, Stryker knows that, although the waters are calm today, can’t relax

“I know a lot of people in Argentina follow us because the USL broadcasts all over the world. It’s a very competitive environment, with players playing in the top level leagues. It’s a great feeling to be here in every sense. There has been success, I can’t complain, but I can’t stand still”, Terzaghi details.

It is that the story of redemption he is writing with goals still invites him to live more chapters in Virginia. From oblivion to glory, from excommunication to significant victory, from hanging shoes to being the most valuable player in the league which is increasing day by day.



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