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Former Venezuelan accomplice was arrested in the US after wounding



Caracas.- Utah Unified Police, United States, Confirmed Saturday afternoon December 10, which A fugitive from Venezuela was captured Justice after kidnapping a 4-year-old girl and wounding her ex-partner.

The man, identified as 20-year-old Jonathan Moises Vuanloxten Hidalgo, was found in Ogden, Utah.

“We will bring him back to Salt Lake County for an interview. he will be sent to jail later today“, indicated a tweet from the Integrated Police Department.

according to american media, An Amber Alert was issued on Friday, December 9 by Anabela Porto Carrero, 4, which was canceled early When the baby was found

Mexican police rescue Venezuelan migrants kidnapped at the US border.

However, Utah Unified Police had previously indicated that they were searching for a man involved in the kidnapping. The suspect’s vehicle, a 2014 Chevrolet Equinox, was found abandoned on the side of a road. According to police, Wuanloxten Hidalgo was armed with a knife.

Volumes collected by security agencies indicated that an episode of violence between an ex-partner of a Venezuelan in Salt Lake City, Utah, Temporarily abducted the girl and left a seriously injured womanafter allegedly being stabbed by the subject who is now in custody.

Vuanloxten Hidalgo was described by the Utah Unified Police as a man with dark hair, 1.75 m tall and weighs around 85 kg.


Officials are still unclear about the origin of the discussion between the ex-partners. He got this information from his relatives. The youth are from Valencia, that they had known each other since they were children and had also immigrated to the United States together.

It was also known that 20-year-old Carla Amaya was the victim who was allegedly stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. The girl is Carla’s niece and was with her ex. When the incident happened

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el pitazo is writingmigration

el pitazo is writingmigration

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