Monday, March 20, 2023
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Ford layoffs on the pulse between EU and US

The 1,100 models produced by Ford in Spain are much more than meets the eye. Of course, the Almuscafs factories will be hit hard, but the talks ERE has started are a sign of the bitter side of the long-awaited electrification of the automotive industry and, at the same time, cf. The main difference between the current framework in Europe and the USA.

Ford’s job cuts surprised no one, though it surprised them with a bigger figure than expected. Ford has already warned that opting for the Valencia plant to produce future electric models would come with sacrifices in the form of labor and labor cost reductions. The consolation is that the Saarlouis factory could do worse, although it depends on the customer’s plans, for which the Chinese BYD group is being shaped.

job shakeup

A strong car board allows driving in many aspects including the aspect of work. The move confirms the predictions of manufacturers who have declared short-term labor reductions as the first result of the ecological transition necessary to preserve the climate of our planet. The post-pandemic context, with a corrupt market but more profitable for artists, doesn’t help either. In addition, the professional profile required by the industry is also changing, especially as large car conglomerates become involved in battery manufacturing and software development.

The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, advised Ford that if it wanted to receive assistance from PRTE 2, it must commit to maintaining those operations. However, other artists more or less cut their staff, such as Sedes with an early retirement plan or Stellanti with an unexpected departure.

industry needs a market

In this scenario, the manufacturer’s call from Wayne Griffiths, president of Anfac and Sedis, makes clear sense when warning that the industry needs a strong market for new electric vehicles. Griffiths has warned several times, “Why produce electric cars if we can’t sell them.”

While the European Union has pushed ahead with its plans to help and boost the economy after the pandemic, focusing on the economy of transition and digitization, among other goals, the United States has overwhelmed us with a much more ambitious support plan. has done, which leaves us far behind in our evidence. So, Ford is in full expansion in the United States with its electrification plan, which adds to the reductions in Europe.


This is why Volkswagen also announced, as a warning of danger, that it would be better off building one of its battery plants in the US than in Eastern Europe. The rain of millions promises to make Joe Biden’s plan unique with the help of Europe. Indeed, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, expressed concern about a crisis in the US due to the European President’s plan to support electric mobility.

“It is important for us on both sides of the Atlantic to know what kind of incentives are used for clean energy to ensure that we join forces,” von der Leyen said. At the moment, far from unity, it is united, isolated and threatens to transfer to the siege.

Perhaps it is time for the EU to shed its caution and commit to actually leading the change in dynamics. In a sector like automobiles, which is one of the most globalized, it is easy to compare and compete across borders and expose each to its strengths and weaknesses.

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