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Flooding: levels in Gatineau may peak earlier than expected

In a press briefing on Monday, the mayor of Gatineau, Fran Belisle, told the population that the situation had changed rapidly.

We received a heavy amount of rainfall, which was more than the initial forecast, a [problème] flowing waterhe explained.

Over the weekend, officials expect water levels to peak later this week. However, this peak will be reached earlier than expected.

, Friday, we thought we would see the peak on Wednesday, and finally, this peak, we will experience it tonight. ,

, a quote from Gatineau Mayor Frans Belisle

At the time of this writing, parts of Rue Jacques-Cartier and Rue Saint-Louis, which had been heavily affected by floods in previous years, were already partially inundated.

The Ottawa River is in spate.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Laurie Trudell

For the next few days, expect a second higher peak and then a continuation of the stabilization period that should last for several days.

The forecast is for seven to ten days of warm weather and sunshine, which should help stabilize conditions., added the mayor. Environment Canada predicts the return of the Sun at the end of the week.

Without being able to give an exact number, she indicated that approximately 250 homes and 1,000 lots would be affected.

As The Rains Continued, A Portion Of St. Louis Street Was Flooded.

As the rains continued, a portion of St. Louis Street was flooded.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Laurie Trudell

On Monday afternoon, a large number of citizens gathered to put sand bags. Ville de Gatineau delivers over 47,000 bags free of charge to various sites.

Sandbags Piled Up On The Sidewalk Are Protected By Plastic Wrap.

On Monday, residents rallied to put up sandbags to protect their homes.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Laurie Trudell

Others are in reserve in case of high floods.

In addition, the municipality of Fort-Coulonge indicated through a press release that it is implementing its emergency measures plan. Due to the high water level, this creates major problems with the sewer system which will require more monitoring.Can we read

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board has this warning on its website Additional runoff from this rainfall could cause water levels along the Ottawa River to rise above peak levels seen last week,

The commission points out that these main reservoirs are managed in such a way that the amount of water in the downstream areas is minimized.

House Surrounded By Sandbags.

Residents prepare and surround their homes with sandbags on the Quebec side of Lac Deschannes.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Laurie Trudell

places to see

Over the weekend, Environment Canada issued a special weather statement related to rain in Ottawa, Gatineau and eastern Ontario.

In its latest update, Sunday afternoon, the federal agency detailed the trend of conditions on the Ottawa River.

Minor flooding is expected in flood-prone areas from Ottawa to Gatineau and the Montreal area.

Levels in all areas along the main body of the Ottawa River are forecast to remain below historic flood levels.

trend of river condition

  • Lac Coulonge: The water level, which is already above the major flood limit, is likely to rise further in the next few days.
  • Lac des Chates and Lac Deschenes: Levels are expected to exceed the major flood limit during the next week.
  • Mattawa, Ontario: The minor flood limit was reached on Monday and will continue to rise.
  • Pembroke, Ontario: Minor flooding has reached threshold and could progress to major flooding in the coming days.

Source : Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board

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