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Fitness: 5 tips to activate the benefits of cycling

i don’t chew electricity anymore

With all due respect to little queen purists, getting on an electrically assisted bike (VAE) is a game too!
• Without pedaling, you cannot move forward and the use of a motor which reduces the intensity of effort by 20 to 30% indirectly allows you to cover twice the distance compared to a conventional bicycle . However, since cycling is an endurance activity, the more you ride, the better: Its benefits on the cardiovascular system, cognitive health, diabetes and silhouette are well established.
• VAE is also ideal for preparing oneself for sports and fighting a sedentary lifestyle. Especially in the case of overweight because it is also a performed activity, which, by reducing the body weight by one third (carried by the saddle), facilitates movement without pain for the joints. Which makes it the perfect tool to pedal without risk in the event of osteoarthritis of the knee or a coronary problem or treatment that limits the heart rate.

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i paddle and spin like a dancer

Keeping yourself upright on the pedals (as a dancer), is not only used to relieve the buttocks. And “milling into the void”, contrary to what one might think, is not necessarily a state of rest.

• Pedaling as a dancer works the whole body at the same intensity, since the movement is no longer performed because the buttocks are no longer resting on the saddle. The postural muscles (abs, back) are then urged on just as much as the lower body. Except in the case of osteoarthritis of the knee, this figure of style benefits from being performed for a few minutes at regular intervals.
• “Rolling”, ie pedaling on the flat, with as little resistance as possible, but long and fast, optimizes endurance work allowing you to draw directly on fat and develop fine muscle like marathon runners gives. A great way to accentuate your legs without looking forced.

i fidget with the handlebars

The bike specifically works the calves, thighs and glutes. Subtract the arms, chest, back and abs… unless you use handlebars to do push-ups.

• At the VTC, you can adapt the stop as follows: hands on handlebars, elbows close to torso, shoulders down, back flat, exhale as you lower down by contracting your abdomen and perineum and inhale as you rise .

• On a mountain bike, the muscles of the upper limbs are quite naturally called upon as the body must absorb shocks and by pushing hard on the handlebars, especially when going uphill.

i dare bag

Without starting mountain biking and provided you have mastered your mount and are well equipped, taking a few bumps helps develop the sense of balance that traditionally comes with riding on tiptoe.

• Voluntarily placing oneself in a position of imbalance, actually sharpens proprioceptive senses: this ability to balance oneself in space is thanks to the many sensory sensors that inform the brain and allow it to correct posture are, thus save from falling. As a bonus, the upper body is more toned, therefore toned.

i let go of the pedal

There is no sport advantage from practicing in one activity. As well as to maintain the essential perception of pleasure, to perform better and to make the whole body function optimally.

• As a sedentary activity, traditional cycling provides little stimulation to bone, a living tissue that needs impacts to strengthen itself. It is therefore ideal to combine it with Nordic walking, for example, if you are not a fan of jogging.
• To pedal for long periods of time, without back pain and to facilitate the transmission of effort to the pedals, you need good abs. So interspersing cycling with a few short lap sessions is ideal!

thank you for Philip HarrisonSports physiotherapist, founder of xrun, fitness concept through sports-health.

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