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Excise Policy: AAP has accused the former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi of a huge loss under the new liquor policy

Excise Policy: AAP has accused the former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi of a huge loss under the new liquor policy

Bright Times News: The Delhi government today charged former Lt. Governor of the nation’s capital Anil Baijal with corruption under the new excise policy, which was dropped following a CBI investigation into its execution and resulted in losses to the state government of thousands of crores.

In an attack on the former Lt. Governor, Chief Minister Manish Sisodia suggested a CBI investigation into the former Lt. Governor’s purportedly abrupt change of heart, which the Aam Aadmi Party said benefited some liquor store owners.

The new Delhi excise policy 2021–22 helped some people because it was permitted, he continued, adding that “few retailers have profited thousands of crores and the government has lost thousands of crores due to change of judgment in LG office.” was not provided. Executed correctly.

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When the Arvind Kejriwal administration created the new excise policy, which went into effect on November 17, 2021, Anil Baijal served as the Delhi LG.

According to Mr. Sisodia, it was decided that there would be an equal number of liquor stores in every location in the new excise policy, which was passed in May 2021. He asserted that formerly, certain locations had up to 20 shops, while others had none.

“The new excise policy was given to the then-LG gentleman, who carefully examined it. The policy is crystal clear that there can be no more than 849 shops, and that they must be dispersed fairly throughout Delhi. Will be given. Shops ought to be present in illegal colonies.

LG Sahib studied it carefully and gave his approval. The policy was accepted by LG Sahib without any opposition.” Mr. Sisodia then accused the LG of changing his stand once the file to open the shops reached him.

The request to open shops reached the former LG in the first week of November, he claimed, adding that in November he added a new requirement that the consent of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) would be present. To start a store in an unlicensed colony,

The Deputy Chief Minister claimed that this was not the case earlier, and only approval from the LG was needed.

“Many licensees sustained losses as a result of the LG sahib’s altered judgment ensues went to court because they were unable to operate their shops while other shopkeepers profited greatly at their expense “explained he.

The decision was modified 48 hours before the shops opened, according to Mr. Sisodia, costing the state government “thousands of crores” of rupees.

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