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Elections in the United States: Limit the presence of armed civilians near polling stations in Arizona. Allegations of intimidation of voters

Armed civilians guarding some polling stations in the state of Arizonaaccused by several unions of “intimidation” of voters, They can no longer come within 75 meters of voting before the midterm electionsAccording to a decision of American Justice.

is that justice in the state identified several armed civilians guarding the elections, and also filmed voters on several occasions, This caused inconvenience to the community and complaints.

This week, a federal magistrate ruled that these lookouts should stay away from them. In addition, he indicated that They cannot carry weapons or wear bulletproof jackets and that they are not allowed to approach them, even unarmed, within 23 meters of pollingTake photos or talk to voters.

,While monitoring and transparency of our elections are important, voter intimidation is illegal.”highlighted Justice in a statement, urging skeptics to register with a party to monitor the integrity of the vote.

This Wednesday, as the Phoenix sheriff’s deputy was stationed near two public places ballot boxes, some people with weapons and wearing bulletproof vests were seen hanging around polling stations after providing security.

Arizona Attorney General, Mark BranovichAsked voters to immediately report any threat to the police or file a complaint with his office.

Along the same lines, the Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, assured that last week she had received Six cases of possible voter intimidation And a threatening email was sent to the Director of State Elections.

tense midterm elections

“The tension surrounding this election is unprecedented,” said Gina Woodall, a political scientist at Arizona State University.

Renewing seats in the US Congress and Senate as well as electing several local offices in midterm elections. Woodall said that because of his complex investigation, these examples generate less interest than the president’s.

But in Arizona, the Republican Party’s leadership There’s been a conspiracy since Joe Biden’s narrow victory, His three candidates for governor, senator and secretary of state Continue to vigorously protest the resultsEven after the Arizona legislature controversially hired an auditing firm.

In the United States, about 70% of Republican voters are convinced even without evidence thatthat Biden’s election was not validAccording to several surveys published in recent months.

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