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“El Vago” is assassinated, a prisoner released from prison by an armed command


Chilpancingo, Gro., Dec. 12 (EL Universal). – The body of Samuel Avila Marín, alias “El Vago”, a prisoner rescued by an armed command from the Coyuca de Catalan prison in Tierra Caliente, was left on the federal highway Iguala-Altamirano.

At midnight on Sunday, the body was abandoned with a message written on a cardboard where the murder was attributed to a man who identified himself as “El Borrego” and a member of the criminal organization La Familia Michoacana. Identified as

“This is the famous Vago that I pulled out of the Coyuca de Catalan prison. Sincerely, El Borrego. FM”.

On 7 December, 80 armed men dressed in military-style clothing broke into the prison, disarmed the guards, and took “El Vago”.

The prisoner was admitted to the jail a day earlier on charges of kidnapping.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported on Sunday night that according to testimony gathered in the El Durazno community, where about a hundred armed men attacked the town on Saturday and killed seven people, “El Borrego” is involved. .

“It is known that the assailants shouted that they were the people of “El Pez”, “El Borrego” and “El Gordo”, once they had shot and deprived these people of their lives, they went to different houses. Left town while shooting against” FGE statement.

The body of the rescued prisoner was left on the federal highway at Politla intersection, the main access to the municipality of San Miguel Totolpan, which has been cordoned off by hundreds of police and soldiers since 5 October following the assassination of the mayor. PRD member Conrado Mendoza Almeida, his father, former municipal president, Juan Acosta Mendoza, and 12 others, most of whom were city council officials.

According to the FGE, “El Vago” was arrested on 5 December for the crime of kidnapping committed on 23 October in Chilpancingo and the next day he was transferred to the Coyuca de Catalan prison, where he had other arrest warrants. Were.

However, there are records that “El Vago” was arrested in December 2017; At that time, the former Attorney General, Xavier Olia Peláez, identified him as the second head of the Los Tequilleros criminal organization.

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