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Eight fashion trends for fall-winter wedding guests – Bulevar Sur


More and more couples decide get married in autumn and winter. Spring and summer weddings have many points in their favour, but also in autumn and winter you can enjoy the sun, good temperatures (despite the cold) and even a setting that can range from the usual tones and elements of autumn to the classic. of winter with snow and even references to Christmas. what does one wear invited for an autumn-winter wedding in 2022/2023?

We discuss some of the trends in the world of guests with one of the creators of specialized content with the most followers in Andalusia. We are talking about Margarita de Guzmán, known on Instagram as the Ideal Guest, a woman who experiences fashion for guests in the first person, who hunts trends on the fly and analyzes them for her followers on a daily basis.

How will the guests of the next weddings dress? What trends will be the most interesting of the autumn-winter season? Take notes before you go shopping or plan your next guest look.

Chiffon Capes & Shawls

«The most marked trend of the season, without a doubt, are the chiffon capes and shawls matching the dress. Of same tone or of the same chromatic range, also of a contrasting color», explains Margarita de Guzmán.

Las capes can also be seen as part of dresses and even jumpsuits with the same fabric as the main garment, or with other fabrics such as velvet, for example.

Capes for guests of Ana Black

Chiffon shawls are worn covering the entire upper part of the body as a cape, but also as a choker with the peaks turned back.

most desired colors

“The brown, as guest color, is one of the novelties of this season. We will see it in all its variants from camel to chocolate brown. We will continue to see vitamin colors in the guests even if they are from winter, also the rosa is held very strongly in addition to the green, orange, red…».

Fabrics for winter guests

As for fabrics, pay attention to velvet. It is true that it has been with us for years, but it has returned with force for dresses, capes, shawls, jackets, etc.

Hairstyles with bows

“So much pigtails such as braids or semi-updos are adorned with bows. The bow is reinvented in velvet, with rhinestones and all kinds of decorations for the new season. It comes back and reinvents itself, we are in a moment of simple lacing, but it will come more special and with details ».

the flowers rule

The dresses of the autumn/winter guests return with rigid textures in ruffled flowers on top and on skirts. “In addition, the we will see flowers in chokers, hair and shoes as a star accessory for the guest”, adds the expert.

feather details

“We continue with feathers in small dosesbefore there were many more, but now they appear in details such as cuffs, bottoms of pants, necklines… », assures Ideal Guest.

asymmetrical dresses

«The star necklines of the guest dresses that succeed they are asymmetrical, but we will also see some crossed and knot, they are elegant and very flattering ». Margaret explains.

Fewer headdresses and hats

«The headdresses and pamelas are not a total trend at the moment because minimalism and straight lines prevail. However, for special guests like the sister of the bride, I do recommend wearing what her look asks for. The beauty of fashion for guests is that they should wear what they feel like and what feels good », she explains.

Main photo: Carolina Herrera.

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