ED summons Sonia Gandhi on her return from hospital in National Herald case

    ED summons Sonia Gandhi on her return from hospital in National Herald case

    Bright Times News: Once again, the ED summoned Sonia Gandhi. The interim president of the Congress has been asked to appear in the National Herald case on July 21. A letter to this effect was sent to him again on Monday.

    It is to be noted that Sonia Gandhi was asked to appear in the National Herald case for the first time on June 9. However, he was attacked by covid before that. Due to a nosebleed, he was sent directly to the hospital. He was unable to appear before the ED as a result. He requested time to question him. The Enforcement Directorate called him once more after he had recovered and gone home.

    Sonia Gandhi was sent to Gangaram Hospital in Delhi. In addition, a respiratory illness was identified in him. covid displayed a variety of symptoms close to his body. He wrote to the ED office as soon as he was allowed to leave the hospital. Took more than four weeks to appear for illness.

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    Along with questioning Sonia Gandhi, the ED also spent more than 50 hours questioning Rahul Gandhi over four days in the National Herald case. He asked to be temporarily excused from questioning by the ED since his mother was ill.

    Even after the lengthy interrogation, ED was not pleased with Rahul’s response. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi were also called in for questioning in the case of the misappropriation of funds connected to the National Herald Magazine. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is investigating both of their roles in this situation.

    On the other hand, Sonia Gandhi’s secretary was recently accused of rape. According to sources, the serious allegations were leveled against PP Madhavan, the interim president of the Congress. A Dalit woman brought this allegation against him. The victim alleged that she was raped with the promise of marriage. The victim’s spouse reportedly used to work at the Delhi office of the Congress. 2020 saw his passing.

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