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DRC: imaginary jobs “cost” the country 800 million dollars a year

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DR Congo loses about US$65 million every month by paying fake, counterfeit and false agents to the payroll of state agents and civil servants. Which will earn about 800 million in a year. This is a revelation from the formidable Inspector General of Finance (IGF), who spent 1 year investigating 1,462,757 agents and civil servants supported in the state budget.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, pascal mulegua

A quarter of the file is questioned and this is only the submerged point. Jules Aliguete, head of the IGF, a control body under the Presidency, announced yesterday on our antennas that the investigation would continue. But trade unions have reservations for their part and try to put things in perspective.

According to the Public Administration Inter Union, some of the revelations are disturbing. But Fidel Kihangi, its president, calls on officials not to act too hastily by withdrawing cases of irregularities from the payroll file too early. , Let there be a relationship, reconciliation, between IGF and us first, and between us with the relevant services. IGF should be aware that fictitious, for example new units that are paid in bonus but do not have a registration number, IGF may consider them fictitious whereas for us they are agents who work regularly and who Waiting to be regularized in registration no. ,

, The idea of ​​plotting…”

For Fidel Kihangi, mafia networks have been operating in the payroll sector for a long time. , Weakness, I will find first of all in the low remuneration received by the Agent of the State, it is he who forms the idea of ​​planning, but which we cannot support. Others are also those politicians who come every time there is a change of government. : Everyone comes with a group of activists or these people because tomorrow they want to win the election, but I don’t confirm anything ,

The list of 961 payroll service agents, who are on the list of several ministries, will be sent to judicial authorities in the coming hours, according to the IGF report. Some of these agents also appear on more than 15 lists.

A scam for ODEP, a Congolese NGO specializing in public finance. It calls for reforms as well as the resignation of the civil service and finance ministers.

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