Monday, March 27, 2023
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Documentary “Maradona, the death of God” arrives in the US


Maradona, the death of God It is a crude story about the Argentine star’s demons: his childhood, bad company, attacks on women and journalists, his expulsion from the 1994 World Cup in the United States, his addiction to cocaine, among other topics.

The documentary, which includes unpublished material by Diego as well as a wide variety of interviews with the famous number 10, was nominated for the Produ Awards for Best Series or Biographical Film.

To date, no Argentine journalist had dared to tell the true story of the man under the shirt, but Iván Kasanzew, who admired the popular fluff as a teenager, says that over time a person has been created who is not the truly.

“As a footballer, no one can deny his magic. But as a person, he scored many goals against himself. The film demystifies the idol and calls for reflection,” said the director.

Kasanzew has lived in the United States since 1995, worked for more than 15 years at Univisión, and was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2014 for sports personality of the year. He is considered one of the Hispanic journalists who has interviewed the most stars in the world of soccer: Pelé, Ronaldinho, Iván Zamorano, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Leopoldo Jacinto Luque, James Rodríguez, Luis Suárez, are some of them. Also, he interviewed former boxer Óscar de la Hoya.

He had two encounters with Maradona: the first was when he was just starting out as a journalist and Maradona was coach of Racing Club Avellaneda. “You could already see his aggressiveness, I tell about it in the documentary, at some point our eyes met and he insulted me and I was admiring him, I didn’t take him wrong either, he caught my attention… I began to discover there from that moment on to the person, who was not a person at peace”, commented Kasanzew; the second was at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where a photograph was taken with him in Munich, Germany.

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