Monday, March 20, 2023
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Delhi Rain: Heavy rain in Delhi, houses fell and electric poles in many areas

Bright Times News: People in Delhi and adjoining areas finally got relief. Heavy rains lashed large parts of Delhi on Monday morning. The wind is blowing with rain. Due to heavy rains, there was trouble in take-off and landing at Delhi International Airport. Due to heavy rains, power has been cut in many areas.

According to the meteorological department, showers with thunderstorms will continue in Delhi and NCR areas for the time being. Due to the rain, the city dwellers have gotten relief from the intense heat. A statement from Delhi Airport said, “Flight services at Delhi Airport have been disrupted due to inclement weather. Passengers have been asked to keep in touch with the concerned airlines to get updated information about the aircraft.

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Several houses have collapsed in Delhi due to rains. A house collapsed in the Nihal Bihar area of ​​West Delhi around 5 am. There were reports of houses being demolished in the Jyoti Nagar area at 8 am. Houses have also collapsed in the Shankar Road area of ​​central Delhi. Another house collapsed in the Moti Nagar area of ​​West Delhi around 8:38 am. However, no casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, water has accumulated in different areas due to heavy rain in the morning. Heavy traffic jams on various roads in Delhi. Due to this, the daily commuters have fallen into extreme misery. According to police sources, the Narsinghpur area on National Highway 48 is inundated. Water has also accumulated on the Narsinghpur-Jaipur route.

It may be mentioned that a few days ago, the maximum temperature reached 49 degrees Celsius in Mungeshpur of Delhi near the Haryana border. The temperature in Gurgaon reached 47 degrees Celsius. Delhi has witnessed such a record of heat since May 1986. Lack of rain is considered to be one of the major causes of a heatwave in the capital. According to IMD scientist RK Jenamani, cloudy skies or gusts of wind have been observed in the book.

But, there was not enough rain. Due to this, the maximum temperature has increased. As a result, there was no relief. The capital has received only two days of rain in the last few weeks. On April 21, it rained 3 mm. On May 4, Delhi received 1.4 mm of rain. In the last seven decades, a part of the country has witnessed record heat in April. This year, the whole country has witnessed record heat in April.

April is the 122nd warmest month on record. Rajasthan, eastern Uttar Pradesh, western Madhya Pradesh, and Vidarbha in Maharashtra all had temperatures above 45 degrees, according to the WA office. Throughout April, such temperatures were maintained in north-western India. This is the third time since 1901.

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