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Day of the Dead: Where to Celebrate it for Free in the USA


death day It is one of the most representative celebrations of Mexican culture and the presence of millions of immigrants from that country almost adopted the United States as their tradition. On November 1 and 2, thousands of Hispanics take to the streets to remember their loved ones who are no longer on earthWith parades, exhibitions and all kinds of activities typical of the Aztec country. There are locations in New York, Florida, Texas and California. Where you can celebrate for free.

There is more than one venue in the city of the Big Apple where tianguis will be held, as markets are called in Mexico, with food sales, community altars, among other offerings. Here are events you can attend without the cost of admission.

1. Exhibition of the Giant Skull of Artist Enrique Cabrera

inside of dead week day Organized by the Consulate General of Mexico, the exhibition is located at 30 Rockefeller and is available from October 20 to November 10.

2. The Flea Market at Rockefeller Center Plaza

People can visit this market, which is also organized by dead week dayArt, buying food, listening to music and viewing offerings. It will be open to the public from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm local time until November 2.

The tradition of the Day of the Dead dates back to pre-Hispanic times and is preserved to this day.AFP Agency

California is one of the states with the largest presence in Mexico., so you can’t miss the festivities pointing to this time. Olvera Street is one of the most representative places, as over the years it has become the place where members of the expatriate community gather to celebrate all kinds of events.

Community altars and processions are displayed every night on this street. Anyone who wants to be full of this tradition can go November 2 Without the need to pay and you will certainly find hundreds of people gathering for the same reason.

Fort Lauderdale is a place to visit in memory of those who are no longer alive. A procession of skeletons is taken out here every year.In which typical Mexican mariachis and elaborate costumes also take part.

This time it is on Saturday, November 5th. And you can enjoy concerts, dances indigenous from the Aztec region, making masks and even sugar skulls ideal for offerings.

The Film Coco Was Made In Mexico As The Inspiration For Day Of The Dead And Would Play Their Music In Some Parades.
The film Coco was made in Mexico as the inspiration for Day of the Dead and would play their music in some parades.

Texas is also home to a large number of Mexicans., therefore the Day of the Dead cannot go unnoticed. There is an annual parade, which will feature a special presentation of the journey from Africa to Mictlan this year.

The Day Of The Dead Is Celebrated In Many Institutions In The United States.
The Day of the Dead is celebrated in many institutions in the United States.pixels

The procession will take place on November 2 at 6 pm.Departure, in local time, in San Anto Cultural Art and for the community murals of SanAnto Paz y Recuerdo. When participants arrive at their destination, a pre-selected family that has lost a loved one to violence will place their name on the mural.

After this the procession will return to the city center. enjoy the bread of the dead, snacks, people dressed as skulls and live music.


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