Crime of the Argentine scientist in the United States: the double homicide killed another woman and shot herself

    Kevin Ray Moore (42) killed the Argentine scientist Camila Behrensen (24) and the Chilean Pablo Guzmán Palma (25), in Kansas City.  Fifteen days later he murdered Misty Brockman (40) and shot himself.

    Kevin Moore (42) committed the two events 15 days apart. The victims were Camila Behrensen (24), the Chilean Pablo Guzmán Palma (25) and a mother of five children.

    The boys were playing in the woods, in the city of Kansas City, United States, when they ran into a car stopped on the road. Looking inside, the image horrified them: there were two dead people. one was Kevin Ray Moore, 42 years old. The other, Misty Brockman, 40 and mother of five children. The investigation progressed quickly and what was suspected was confirmed: the man murdered the woman and shot himself.

    It wasn’t the first time Moore had killed. Fifteen days earlier, he had committed a shocking double crime that had an Argentine victim: the scientist Camila Behrensen (24). He murdered her in her apartment, along with her partner from the Stowers Institute, the Chilean Pablo Guzman Palma (25)also a researcher.

    as far as he could tell Clarion, the local Police confirmed in the last hours that Moore was the protagonist of the double murder by his DNA, which had been found at the scene of the case on October 1. However, he officially maintained that he is the “suspect” in both cases.

    Kevin Ray Moore (42) killed the Argentine scientist Camila Behrensen (24) and the Chilean Pablo Guzmán Palma (25), in Kansas City. Fifteen days later he murdered Misty Brockman (40) and shot himself.

    The murderer used the same pistol, caliber 9 millimeters, with which he shot Guzmán Palma after entering the house through a balcony, after 3 in the morning, in the building on 41st and Oak streets. This was determined by comparing the bullets found in the two scenes.

    On Sunday, October 16, the bodies of Moore and Brockman were found around 2 p.m. on Northeast 48th Street and Randolph Road, a wooded area in Clay County.

    The woman was from Independence, another city in the state of Missouri, in the central United States, but was living in Kansas City.

    Misty Brockman (40), A Mother Of Five Children, Was The Victim Of The Same Man Who Murdered Investigators Camila Behrensen (24) And Pablo Guzmán Palma (25) In Kansas City.
    Misty Brockman (40), a mother of five children, was the victim of the same man who murdered investigators Camila Behrensen (24) and Pablo Guzmán Palma (25) in Kansas City.

    According to his relatives, he did not know the murderer. They investigate if it was a sexual assault.

    In a press release, the prosecution pointed out this Thursday that “used phone and computer data, surveillance video, ballistic evidence, and DNA evidence to determine the cause of the deaths of Behrensen and Guzmán Palma, and to determine that Moore was the suspect.”

    Moore left his fingerprints in several places in the apartment where Behrensen and Guzmán Palma lived. He tried to cover them with a fire, but a neighbor called the fire department and the fire was quickly put out.

    The Crime Scene Of Misty Brockman (40), In Kansas City.  The Killer, Kevin Moore (42), Shot Himself.
    The crime scene of Misty Brockman (40), in Kansas City. The killer, Kevin Moore (42), shot himself.

    who were the victims

    Camila was the daughter of Ernesto Behrensen (49), a journalist and former director of the extinct Diarios y Noticias (DyN) agency, and Laura Gómez (50), a family that lives a devastating nightmare. The body was repatriated to the country and the wake was held on Friday, October 14, in the Versalles neighborhood.

    The young woman was the eldest of three sisters. She was a brilliant student at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), in Buenos Aires, where she passed the Bachelor’s thesis in Biotechnology with 10.

    Camila Behrensen (24), The Argentine Scientist Murdered In Kansas City (Usa).
    Camila Behrensen (24), the Argentine scientist murdered in Kansas City (USA).

    In the summer of 2021 he settled in Kansas City. There she was one of the researchers at the Stowers Institute, where she was working toward her Ph.D. in Biology.

    In the bio of the center, they indicated that Camila “spent two years studying metabolic changes in Drosophila“, investigation that “allowed her to co-author an article published in Scientific Reports“.

    He likes to work with fruit flies because their abundant genetic tools make it easy to study complex questions and try to understand the basis of many biological processes. In the future, he hopes to continue his research on metabolism.“, they maintained.

    Pablo Guzmán Palma (25), The Chilean Investigator Murdered In Kansas City.
    Pablo Guzmán Palma (25), the Chilean investigator murdered in Kansas City.

    One of his hobbies was running half marathons. He participated in races of 800 and 1,500 meters.

    Guzmán Palma had obtained a bachelor’s degree in science and a postgraduate degree in biochemistry from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in 2019 and 2020. He was from Santiago de Chile and his first research project focused on spinal cord regeneration.

    We are devastated by the tragic deaths of these students. These researchers were members of our Class of 2020 and energetic members of our Stowers Institute community. Our deepest condolences are with their families at this difficult time.“The Stowers Institute said in a statement after the double homicide.

    The Statement From The Stowers Institute After The Deaths Of The Argentine Scientist Camila Behrensen And Her Partner Pablo Guzmán Palma, In Kansas City.
    The statement from the Stowers Institute after the deaths of the Argentine scientist Camila Behrensen and her partner Pablo Guzmán Palma, in Kansas City.


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