Monday, March 20, 2023
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Corruption is a threat to US security, says Biden envoy


Corruption is a threat to the national security of the United States, which is why it seeks to combat it on a global level, said Richard Nephew, head of the White House’s anti-corruption policy, visiting Asunción.

“The fight against corruption is of fundamental interest and a matter of national security for the United States and a priority in the work that the United States does with Paraguay,” the official said at a press conference, after meeting with Paraguayan Foreign Minister Julio César Arriola. .

The coordinator of the State Department’s Global Anti-Corruption Office, recently appointed by President Joe Biden, made a visit to Asunción between Thursday and Friday “to support Paraguay’s efforts to combat corruption and impunity.”

He stressed that “strengthening institutions against the influence of corruption and impunity is essential for the development of a healthy economy that meets the needs of the entire population and to attract foreign investment.”

He also said that he felt “honored to be able to support Paraguay’s efforts to combat corruption and impunity, a fundamental objective for both countries.”

In July, the State Department described former Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes (2013-2018) as “significantly corrupt” and current Vice President Hugo Velázquez in August.

Neither of them was charged or prosecuted by justice, and they have only been the subject of complaints filed by a bicameral congressional commission.

Nephew said that “accountability is key,” and that is why the United States “supports justice in Paraguay and throughout the world.”

“Corruption undermines democracy. The fight against corruption is part of global security,” he said.

Therefore “we have the obligation to review documents, evidence of corruption cases around the world and to apply the actions provided by law that are consistent with that evidence,” he said.



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