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Coronation of Charles III: the hiccups that threaten to ruin the ceremony

Everything can be planned to the millimetre, the impossible being the non-negotiable part of an event of such magnitude. Coronation of King Charles III May 6 linked with Queen Camilla should include a show of strength for the whole world A national and family holiday. In the 1000 years the ceremony has existed in the United Kingdom, none have turned to “quacks”: these little unexpected events that delight observers and that make the most divine of human beings among us.

In addition to the traditional fainting of the “Horseguards”, unforeseen by bad weather or the imaginations of the public, it may happen that the King and Queen suffer inconveniences related to the ceremony. How to guess the little worries on such a grand day? is here List of the most anticipated disasters, according to

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Charles III and Camilla in front of cameras around the world

It is a global phenomenon because of its unique and rare character: if only 2,000 guests At Westminster Abbey, all eyes for spectators around the world will be on London. In the presence of foreign kings, heads of state, an unexpected crowd outside, The royal couple’s celebration is already the event of the year. Since 1953, there have been no coronation ceremonies in the British territory, and the instructions are slightly out of date. The organizers of the “Golden Orb” operation have planned everything but Charles III and Camilla should expect everything.

the king stopped walking

The oldest monarch to ascend the British throne, 74-year-old Charles III, does not suffer from any disabling disease, but still has some health problems such as persistent back pain, On this May 6, 2023, he could only find himself immobilized in the back or legs, and not able to walk to the coronation chair. In 1702, Queen Anne, suffering from gout, had to be carried to a chair. After the first procession in an uncomfortable carriage, in a very heavy dress, King Charles III could see his back playing tricks on her.

the crown wobbles

Weighing over 3 kilos, St Edward’s Crown is considered very heavy and difficult to handle during the ceremony. Like his mother, Charles III is still attached to this jewel of the Crown. it shouldn’t be whether it falls, slips or becomes crooked As has happened in the past. In 1761, George III had the misfortune to see a diamond fall out of a precious headdress, while in 1902, Edward VII had to use his reflexes to seize it from the hands of Archbishop Temple before it fell. , let him go . Normally the St Edward’s Crown should fit the new monarch like a glove, being adjusted for, Unless it’s got a big head…

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Camilla’s hairstyle goes into a tizzy

The very thick and solid chignon of Elizabeth II allowed the illustrious queen to keep the crown on her head. Queen Camilla has reason to worry on her own: aged, her very fine hair, always loose and brushed back, could bend under the weight of Queen Mary’s crown, And make it look less “royal” in photos and on TV. his colorist Joe Hansford talked about it in The daily Mail From April 27, 2023: “It would be difficult to crown her hair without changing her hairstyle and her style. How they’ll do that, I don’t know. For my part, I won’t be there, I’ll be in front of the TV.” , did he say

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coronation ring gets stuck

During the ceremony, the Archbishop of Canterbury would slip on the fourth finger of King Charles III’s right hand, sovereign ring, otherwise known as the “coronation ring”. In sapphire and ruby, it represents the flag of the United Kingdom, and is the symbol King’s commitment than the Church and its country. However, King Charles III has always suffered from “sausage fingers”: his hands are often red and swollen, her stubborn fingers, Edema, arthritis, water retention? No one knows what the king is suffering from, but the passage of the ring will surely represent a test: With the stress, these fingers may be swollen on the morning of the ceremony, And not being able to accommodate the precious ring. An embarrassing sight without which Charles III would do.

charles is bored or angry

King Charles III is not very patient when under stress. even though he was struggling with his sudden loss “Dear Mother” Last September, the whole world witnessed his impatience and frustration when he was annoyed by the presence of an embarrassing ink well or a dripping pen on his desk. The ceremony, already shortened at the King’s request, could quickly anger Her Majesty who doesn’t know how to hide his boredom well, All that’s missing is a camera or a camera to capture it in the process.yawning, frowning or staring in a gathering, A moment that would not do honor to the King of England.

Coronation Of Charles Iii: The Hiccups That Threaten To Ruin The Ceremony
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Camilla fainted in the middle of the ceremony

England’s Queen Camilla should never have been there: her prince charming first married the alluring Diana she could never imagine finding herself in A beautiful day in May, with a crown on the head. And yet, here in the middle is Camilla Parker Bowles in formal dress Westminster Abbey. The wife of King Charles III is not a fan of official ceremonies: shy and introverted by nature, the coronation worries her greatly. A former butler at Clarence House believes she would also be horrified by it. The heat of the spectacle, the tension, the weight of the crown can make Look at the future queen. This is what happened to George IV in 1821: sweating profusely, he passed the ceremony to wipe his face With handkerchief. Not to exhale before asking to breathe salt.

prince louis acting

It would be the sweetest catastrophe of a coronation but it’s unlikely to happen: what if prince louis, considering he’s attending the ceremony, having a bad day and decided to act out? Having already proved his malevolence during Jubilee last year, he has grown up. he was very intelligent in christmas mass As well as Easter, and his parents had to explain back and forth to him how to stand. But kids are unpredictable, and Louis, who worships his grandfather, May be seized with a sudden desire to climb into the king’s lap! George and his sister Charlotte will certainly be looking after the youngest…

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