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Corona Terror at IIT Madras – 18 People Positive

IIT Madras Main Gate (Source: ANI)

Fear of the Fourth Wave haunts the country as cases rise again. For the third day in a row, more than 2,000 cases were reported. The death toll, which was one to two till yesterday, is also on the rise. A large number of cases are being registered in Delhi, Maharashtra, and UP. However, the high incidence of cases, especially in educational institutions, is a matter of concern. Many Covid victims in Madras IIT. Within two days, 30 people had contracted the virus.

Corona stirs at IIT Madras. Twelve people there on Wednesday learned of Covid’s diagnosis. Recently, another 18 people tested positive for the virus on Thursday. As many as 30 coroners were infected in two days at IIT Madras. Authorities said Thursday that there was. Three students were diagnosed with Covid positive three days ago. With this, examinations are conducted for the students on the campus.

A total of 39 cases were registered in Tamil Nadu on Thursday. The Tamil Nadu government has directed that people must wear masks in public places. It warned that a fine of Rs 500 would be levied if anyone did not wear the mask. Accordingly, the health department has directed the authorities to increase the number of testing. At present, 18 thousand samples are being collected per day. It is suggested to increase it to 25 thousand. Health Secretary Radhakrishna visited IIT Madras on Thursday to review the situation in the wake of the corona cases.

In a few days, less than 20 cases were registered in Chennai city. On Thursday, that number crossed. 21 cases were reported in Chennai, 6 in Chengalpattu, two in Vellore and Thanjavur, one each in Kanchipuram, Nagapattinam, Nammakkal, Tirupattur, Tiruvallur and Thiruvarur. Health Secretary Radhakrishna reminded us that Covid-19 regulations should be followed in public places and the government has not yet relaxed the restrictions.

“Although some states have lifted the mask rules in public places, Tamil Nadu (government) has not yet made such a statement,” he said. covid suggested that the rules must be complied with as cases are on the rise in many parts of the country. Radhakrishna said all the students diagnosed with covid at the IIT Madras campus were vaccinated. He said his health was stable at present and he did not need to be admitted to the hospital.

He said 365 samples were collected on Thursday and tests would be conducted on 1,500 to 2,000 people if the number of cases increased. Some of those tested on Thursday showed results .. 18 of whom were diagnosed with covid.

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