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Controversial newspaper distribution on train – IRCTC warning

Passengers found an unauthorized newspaper containing controversial articles on the Shatabdi Express train from Bangalore to Chennai yesterday. The IRCTC has issued a warning to the railway internal services licensee in this regard.

The Bangalore-based Aryavart Express featured articles on the genocide of Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists under Islamic rule, and the need to brand Aurangzeb a UN assassin like Hitler.

PK Sheffield, the train’s in-service licensee, told The Indian Express: But the traveler who found the paper noted that it was not distributed along with the newspaper.

To our people who distribute newspapers, there is no understanding of the extra paper. They never read the news in the paper they distribute. From now on, I have ordered that no extra paper or notices be distributed on the train. ”

Rajni Hasija, Managing Director, IRCTC, told The Indian Express, “We have issued a warning to the owner. According to the agreement, the licensee will only be required to provide the Deccan Herald and the Kannada newspaper as a compliment to travelers. He must abide by the terms of the contract. ”

Kobialka Bakshi, who was traveling by train, tweeted about the controversial newspaper.

The post said, “I was traveling on the Bangalore to Chennai Shatabdi Express train this morning. Passengers were greeted in all seats by a paper called the Aryawart Express. I have never heard the name of such a newspaper. How can the IRCTC allow this? ” Other passengers also questioned how the railway-controlled company could distribute the newspaper.

The IRCTC responded: We have issued a stern warning to the internal service owner to prevent such an event from happening again. The officers who are monitoring the train will check this from now on. ”

Traveler Bakshi replied, “Thank you for your response, but of course, this newspaper is unlikely to have been included with the authorized newspaper. It was in my seat. They were in the other passenger seat, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the IRCTC deleted its tweets. When asked about this, a spokesman said that the word “counseled” did not have the correct meaning. In an approved newspaper, he said he was investigating how the controversial newspaper was linked.

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