Home World Continuous Emergency Landing! Two GoFirst flights stalled due to engine failure

Continuous Emergency Landing! Two GoFirst flights stalled due to engine failure

Continuous Emergency Landing! Two GoFirst flights stalled due to engine failure

Bright Times News: Passengers are victims of flight disruptions again. Not one, but two planes made an emergency landing due to mid-air mechanical problems. It is known that two flights from Mumbai to Leh and from Srinagar to Delhi got into trouble after taking off on Tuesday.

It is reported that mechanical faults have been noticed in the engines of both planes. Both these planes are said to be of Go First Company. The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is concerned about the emergency landing of several planes across the country in a span of just a few months.

Where did the two planes land?

GoAir A320 aircraft VT-WGA flight G8-386 from Mumbai made an emergency landing at Delhi. Also, Delhi-bound GoAir A320 aircraft VT-WJG flight G8-6202 was diverted back to Srinagar mid-air. It has been reported that in two cases the engine was over-stressed. Go First plan Authority has not yet opened its mouth on this matter.

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Concerned Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia

Over the past three months, one after another, mechanical faults have been observed in planes across the country. Many aircraft have been brought back from mid-air. In many cases, flights with passengers have made emergency landings on foreign lands as well.

Ministry of Civil Aviation is concerned about this. Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia expressed concern over this. Several times he sent for a detailed report. He also held a meeting with the officials. Details have been asked to ensure that there are no gaps in passenger security.

Flight outage in Kolkata

A Dhaka-bound flight took off at midnight on Monday. AC off inside the plane. The passengers were stuck in the plane for four hours in a state of panting. Even, no food or water was given. This is what the passengers have complained about. The incident created a commotion at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

The passengers complained that they were kept sitting for about four hours. Electricity service was shut off. AC turns off. They were not even given any water or food. Among the passengers were children and senior citizens. Many people start feeling sick after waiting for a long time. Many requested offloading the aircraft and repairing the fault. But, it was also alleged that the airline did not pay heed.

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