Monday, March 20, 2023
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Colombia reaffirms friendship against the United States for January


this Wednesday, Colombian Football Federation (FCF) announced a new match of the team’s preparation Nestor Lawrencewhich you will face after Qatar World Cup 2022 One America.

The commitment will take place in Carson, Calif., on Saturday 28 January next year, and will then be the fourth confirmed match in the era of the new tricolor coach, who made his FIFA final debut against Guatemala and Mexico, and will certainly be on the following 19 November. will play against Paraguay.

To be precise, the match against the team led by Greg Matthews Berhalter will be outside the FIFA calendar, with the first day of 2023 scheduled for the month of March (18 to 26).

As such, Lorenzo would certainly include soccer players playing in Colombian Soccer, MLS and Liga MX in his team list, as he competes in full in European competitions.

“The Colombian national team will have a new friendly against the United States in January. The coaching staff, led by strategist Nestor Lorenzo, will start 2023 thinking about what competition they will face next year”, the FCF assured.

Before confirming the preparatory match, Lorenzo said: “We started a friendly without knowing which players we could count on, the match is likely against the USA at the end of January in another game which is on the FIFA date. If they are called, they will already have a mutual knowledge for the competition and also evaluate which players are ready for this type of competition.

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