Monday, March 20, 2023
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China-India trade is growing, the volume of exports from China to India has increased significantly


Bright Times News: A border clash has occurred between the two countries a few days ago. The political climate cannot be claimed to be particularly pleasant right now. However, the border conflict has not had any impact on trade relations, the survey revealed.

Sources claim that this year, trade between China and India would surpass $100 billion. With this, India and China’s trade relationship is poised to surpass USD 100 billion for the second year in a row. Such is the assumption of the country’s financial experts.

In the first quarter of June, China’s trade relations with India reached nearly USD 67 billion. Trade relations with China have increased. Although there has been a decline in political ties between the two nations, it is noteworthy that commerce ties have improved. These facts demonstrate that there has been no change at all in the degree of dependency between the two nations.

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The import and export industries are both very important to company. In terms of China-India commercial ties, it can be noted that China’s exports to India have greatly expanded this year. The value of China’s exports to the nation was 57.51 billion US dollars. China’s exports to India climbed 34.5 percent over the previous year.

However, while the volume of Chinese exports has increased, the volume of goods exported from the country to China has decreased. The amount of these exports stood at 9.57 billion US dollars. Import volume decreased by 35.3%. Which is worrying for India.

It is clear from the point of view of this commercial relationship–the country’s dependence on China in terms of imports, exports, or financial conditions is not diminishing. It may be inferred that, despite the political unrest, China’s dependence on the country is not diminishing in any manner from the way that the volume of its imports is rising.

A media report surfaced three weeks ago. That study said that in terms of commerce with India, the US has surpassed China. The results of this survey, however, show that China is not far behind India in terms of commerce.

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