Saturday, May 27, 2023

Camembert, Charles, Camilla or Jean Villar, what to watch on TV this week?

It’s May Day and an opportunity to take an interest in the work of thousands of young people joining the large family of McDonald’s employees. This 2022 documentary describes how working conditions there are becoming increasingly difficult: fast pace, unattainable targets, high pressure. Tom Carlo, a 25-year-old journalist, was hired there to find out behind the scenes.

2.Tuesday 2: Camembert Opens His Box – France 5, 9 PM.

What is hidden behind the production of Camembert, which is often industrial? ©A_Bruno –

It is one of the favorite cheeses of the French, with over 500 million sold in France every year. But Camembert is no longer as traditional as we would like. “Genuine” Camembert from Normandy, for example, represents only 5% of Camembert sold. What are others hiding? Why such a difference in prices? Camembert opens its box for us…

3.Wednesday 3: “Charles and Camilla” – Front Page, 8:15 p.m.

 &Quot;Do You Think People Will Like Me As The Queen, Charles?&Quot; , &Quot;But Wrong!&Quot;
“Do you think people will like me as Queen, Charles?” – “we do not care!” ©AFP

Set three days before the coronation, this documentary tells the story of the relationship between the future Charles III and Camilla. From the tumultuous beginning of their romance, to a forbidden love that caused a scandal at the Palace, to Camilla winning the hearts of the nation. What to expect from the reign of Charles III? Will the public accept Camilla as Queen? The suspense is total!

4.Thursday 4: Pfizer, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Lab? – France 2, 11 p.m.

    Pfizer: Covid Brought Him A Fortune!
Pfizer: Covid brought him a fortune! © Belga

A record turnover of $100 billion last year, a CEO who will interact directly with heads of state. Wealthier, more influential than its rivals, Pfizer has established itself as No. 1 in the Big Pharma empire thanks to its vaccine against COVID-19. But today the image of the American multinational company has tarnished. This issue of “Complement d’enquête” tries to explain it.

5.Friday 5: “Jean Vilar, the dream of theater for all” – France 5, 11:05 pm

Portrait Of One Of The Giants Of The History Of Theatre, Whose Influence Is Still Present.
Portrait of one of the giants of the history of theatre, whose influence is still present. © EDA

who am i playing for? Based on this question posed by Jean Weller (after whom the Louvain-la-Neuve theater is named) to the attention of all men and women of the theatre, this documentary revisits his career and the legacy of the man who created the Avignon festival questions and was the director of the TNP, which disappeared 50 years ago. This shows how he revolutionized public reception and laid the foundation for today’s cultural policies.

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