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Boris resigns, how will Britain choose the next Prime Minister?

Bright Times News: Boris Johnson broke down under the pressure of ministers resigning. He decided to step down as British Prime Minister. And after that, there is a lot of speculation about who will be the next prime minister. It is reported that there is also a Rishi Sunak of Indian origin running. The process of electing a new Prime Minister has also started.

It is reported that the practice has already started with the names of several people in the leadership race. At the end, who will survive the British prime minister’s run? There is speculation about that. Because after the resignation of David Cameron from the post of British Prime Minister in 2016, several names came up as Prime Minister.

Theresa May was the Conservative Party’s lone hope after some contenders eventually withdrew. After the Conservative Party won the elections in England in 2019, Boris Johnson and former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt were also claiming the PM’s job. In the end, Boris’s fate is shattered. About two months after Theresa May’s departure, Boris Johnson became the next prime minister of Great Britain.

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Several candidates are vying for the chair at No. 10 Downing Street left by Boris. Rishi Sunak, the former finance minister, is one of them. The names of Michael Gove, Commerce Minister Penny Mordaunt, d former, Foreign Minister Liz Truss is also being heard. The name is Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab. The incumbent Deputy Prime Minister is the obvious choice in this situation.

The Conservative party has hinted that whoever succeeds Boris will sit in Britain’s masonry until next October. The Conservative party did not say why.

Whoever succeeds Boris Johnson in Britain, must be elected Leader of Parliament through a certain process.

How will the election be processed?

The PM position is open to multiple candidates, to start. However, whoever is chosen to serve as prime minister will need to win over the additional party MPS.

Second, this election is over many rounds. Each time the selected candidate receives a secret ballot. The person eliminated received fewer votes for their initial choice.

Third, the procedure will go on until there are only two applicants for the PM position.

Fourth, the concerned party’s members took part in the Prime Minister election as well. And there, postal ballots are used to pick the prime minister. By the way, in the British Parliament, the Prime Minister is chosen from among the parties with a majority in the House of Commons.

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