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Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan praised Shiv Thakare’s excellent performance, and said – it is going very well

Bright Times News: Winner of Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 This season of the Hindi Bigg Boss features Shiv Thakare. As soon as Shiv Thakare entered the Bigg Boss house, the situation shifted. Salman Khan, the show’s host, may be seen applauding Shiv in a recent video that has appeared online. Salman also pointed out some of Shiv’s flaws. Shiv Thakare has garnered everyone’s admiration for his response.

Salman Khan is seen having supper with everyone in the Bigg Boss house in a video posted on Shiv’s official Instagram account. Salman is conversing with everyone while he eats and summarises their contributions to the show.

Salman compliments Shiv in Marathi while they converse. “Shiv, you are playing extremely well,” he remarks. However, one thing we have noticed is that when you stand up for something, you become more vocal. When you see there is a sizable opposition, act. Take a step back at that point.

Shiv replies in response to Salman Khan’s assertion, “Sir, my voice is not muffled. I simply don’t want to press the issue. Because there have been numerous disputes over the nominations during the past four to five days. The ambiance and vibe of the house completely shifted after that. He continued by saying he was eager to put an end to the conflict.

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The audience adores the video. Shiv’s patience has been commended by fans in front of Salman Khan and everyone else in the house.

Shiv is putting in the serious effort needed for the game, and his supporters are behind him. Social media is currently inundated with Shiv’s viral video.

Shiv’s supporter thinks he’ll triumph in Hindi Bigg Boss 16 as well. Shiv, your play is excellent. One of his followers remarked, “We are always with you. Shiv, you are doing the right thing. You have our complete support, said another user. In addition, a lot of individuals have shown their devotion by stating that “Shiva Dada’s will win.”

Shiv began his career in 2017 by taking part in the reality program MTV Roadies Rising. He advanced to the show’s semifinals. After that, in 2019, he made an appearance on The Anti-Social Network on MTV. But by introducing his deodorant line recently, he transformed into an entrepreneur.

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