Monday, March 20, 2023
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Big surprise of Arvind Kejriwal! Announcement of one month long mega shopping festival


Bright Times News: In the middle of the week, Arvind Kejriwal gave a big surprise to the people of Delhi. Announced the Shopping Festival. The Delhi Mega Shopping Festival is set to take place in the capital city next year, according to the Delhi Chief Minister. This festival will last for a month. It will start on January 26, 2023.

Cornered offline business in the rush of online. Arvind Kejriwal has come up with a new plan to encourage small and medium enterprises and boost Delhi’s economy. The Delhi Chief Minister has announced a 30-day shopping festival from January 26 next year.

The festival is India’s biggest shopping festival, Kejriwal said in a tweet. He hopes that this festival will become the biggest shopping festival in the world in the coming days. The Delhi Chief Minister hopes that this will boost the economy of Delhi as well as encourage local traders and vendors.

Kejriwal said people from India as well as the world would be invited to join the shopping festival. He also said that discounts will be given on purchases. He said that Delhi will be decorated on the occasion of the festival.

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Besides shopping, there are also arrangements for exhibitions at the shopping festival. Arvind Kejriwal also said that there are plans to create employment during this festival. Thousands of jobs will be created. He thinks this will encourage the economy to recover.

The Chief Minister of Delhi has taken a special initiative so that people from different parts of the country as well as abroad can come to the festival. He assured to discuss with the airline authorities about giving discounts to the passengers during the festival days. The month-long shopping festival will have opening and closing ceremonies as well as an exhibition of games. There will also be cultural events and special food walks for shoppers.

Meanwhile, some have ridiculed the Delhi Chief Minister’s announcement of a shopping festival as a gimmick. In the 2020 Assembly elections, Arvind Kejriwal made several promises to improve the condition of the people of Delhi.

But, as promised, he still has not recovered. Meanwhile, Cabinet Minister Satyendra Jain is currently in jail on charges of financial corruption. And it’s quite up to the pressure. The Lok Sabha by-elections in Punjab have shown that the support of Kejriwal’s party has started declining.

His winning seat has been lost. Though the Delhi Assembly polls are late, Kejriwal wants to take control of the damage from now on. According to informed sources, this shopping festival is organized to get the attention of the people of Delhi.

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