Monday, March 20, 2023
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‘Biblical’ flash flood strikes Russian Black Sea resort amid hurricanes and tornadoes


Bright Times News: Russia’s main resort city, Sochi, had major flooding on Saturday as a result of the Bzugu River overflowing as a result of the downpour. At least one person has died, according to RIA Novosti, the official news agency of Russia.

On July 23, inclement weather was predicted to affect the city on the Black Sea, with forecasters issuing warnings of potential offshore tornadoes, mudslides, and the possibility of severe storms with showers, thunder, and hail.

According to Ukrainian news media, heavy rain started on Friday evening. A month’s worth of rain, or 40 mm (1.6 inches), dropped in a matter of hours, according to Dialog. UA.

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According to the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, one of the municipal regions where an emergency has been proclaimed got about 76 mm (almost three inches) of rain in an hour.

Social media users posted videos of the city’s streets turning into rivers and cars being carried away by powerful currents.

According to Dialog.UA, homes in the Khostinsky neighborhood of Sochi had their courtyards, basements, and first floors swamped by the floodwaters, which she refers to as “biblical.” The power was turned off in some homes. Authorities have requested that residents and visitors stay at home, according to Dialog UA.

Sochi, a seaside resort town with a population of about 350,000, has seen such strong rains twice in the past month. On June 24, the Black Sea city—which is also the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics—was first struck by devastating floods.

Authorities in the city reportedly said they were attempting to “remedy the impact of the hard weather” following the flood, according to Caucasian knot, an online news source that focuses on the Caucasus region. The message was carried out using V Kontakte, which is the biggest social network in Russia.

“Public utilities clear clogged drains; Damage to power lines is being recorded,” the Sochi government wrote on its V Kontakte page.

But the comments in response to the message from the city authorities were mostly critical of the Sochi administration.

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