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Barricades have been removed in San Gregorio following the suspension of works in the area


Blockade in San Gregorio, Xochimilco why milpa alta lifted in Mexico City after the promise of the government of the capital suspend drainage works and a permanent work table.

The agreement was reached during a meeting between the Secretary to the Government (SECGOB). marty buttressand a commission of representatives of those maintaining the blockade Nuevo Leon Avenue,

After negotiations, it was agreed not to carry out drainage works to clean the canal, as well as opening blocked roads in Milpa Alta and Xochimilco. Caltongo,

Took: Two officers were thrown from their posts after a confrontation in San Gregorio, Xochimilco; tasks were suspended

The blockade ends after the signing of agreements

through a Announcement It was explained that “in the case of san pedro atokapanconservation land will not be affected, common property of ejidos And in the southern part of the capital, communities and territorial order programs and social participation mechanisms will be restructured ”.

Among the agreements announced at the table of dialogue held in the facilities of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City (CDHCDMX), it was established pipe removal work in that area,
ban on collector’s work San Pedro Atokapan and a permanent work table.

“From they canceled tasks It crosses the San Gregorio de Atlapulco, which will be redesigned to help people with problems related to it sewer system And this hygiene of channels in the region”, explained Marty Buttres.

Photo: Darkroom

For their part, the commissions representing the protesters who blocked the roads in Xochimilco and Milpa Alta committed to freeing the road, for which they withdrew the blockade and freed the Avenida Nuevo León and the highway. Xochimilco-Oaxtepec,

On December 4, in a demonstration in San Gregorio, Xochimilco, residents demanded information about hydraulic works that were being carried out in their community and were quelled by the Mexico City police. there was a balance 24 injured,

After the accident, CDMX officials reported that two government officials had been removed from their posts.

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