Monday, March 27, 2023
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Barbie goes SUV with a Maserati Grecale (pink, yes)


Barbie It is probably the most recognized doll worldwide. More than six decades have passed since its launch and that has forced the toy to reinvent itself. In fact, we have seen all kinds of accessories to create a universe around it that is up to the task. The cars have also been present, always with the characteristic pink color on their bodywork. Now Barbie is going into SUVs with a Maserati Grecale which is the result of the collaboration of the Italian firm with the toy giant, Mattel.

A few years ago it was more common to see the doll in a utility vehicle like the Fiat 500 or the Volkswagen Beetle. It also went through convertibles because of the ease it brings to the game. However, car world trends also extend to this level and Barbie receives an SUV for the first time. The Maserati Grecale falls within what could be adapted to the popular toy, by style and by designadding a configuration that does not go unnoticed.

Although the connection of certain colors to children based on their gender is being eliminated, pink has always been a hallmark Barbie and is applied to the body of this Grecale with an iridescent treatment. In contrast we can see elements such as some moldings, the wheels or the diffuser in black. You can not miss the initial of the doll on the C-pillar or your name on the fin. Small yellow accents also appear. All this configuration work that extends to the passenger compartment has been done by the Maserati Fuoriserie program, which is in charge of the most exclusive customizations.

Because it’s not going to just be a toy car, there will be two real units that will be put up for sale and will be truly exclusive. With the proceeds from the first, which has already been exposed, 10% will be dedicated to the Barbie Dream Gap Project for equal opportunities and removing barriers for girls. The second unit will arrive in 2023 and will have another purpose.

In any case, this first copy is not just any, since it is based on the top of the range. It’s about a Maserati Grecale Trofeo that carries under the hood the V6 Nettuno engine with no less than 530 CV of power. The price of this model starts at 81,050 euros, but in its Trophy version it reaches 129,200 euros. However, the level of exclusivity in this specimen makes its rate multiply. The first has reached price of 330,000 euroswhich is more than double what it would cost as standard.

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