Monday, March 20, 2023
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Arquicma Provides Solidarity Collection to Puertolano’s Institutions and Groups


Juan Ramon Alvarez, President of Archima.- The solidarity of Puertollano and the region continues to grow for another year. The collection of the tenth Solidarity Theater campaign, which has increased to about 3,000 euros, has been distributed among the beneficiary associations, which will allocate the corresponding amount for social purposes within their activities.

The theatrical ceremony of “Reserved Forecast” was performed by Epiduro Theater Group last 30 September at the Pedro Almodovar Auditorium in Puertollano, at the initiative of ARQUICMA, Puertollano City Hall, The Real City Deputy and FEPU, with great success of attendance. And zero participation.

The Representative Councilor of Culture, Ms. Esther Mora Menez, representing the Department of Culture of Puertollano City Council, along with the representatives of ARQUICMA, Mr. Carlos Vizcaino (Treasurer), have distributed the proceeds received at Puertollano City Hall, to the representatives of Caritas. , Spanish Association Against Cancer, Fuente Agria Foundation, Paralympic Sports Club of the City of Puertollano.

The organizers, on behalf of the beneficiary associations, thank all attendees for their contributions, as well as all those who could not attend for various reasons but cooperated with the purchase of tickets for Row 0. We also thank the companies that collaborated, either directly, or through FEPU. And above all to EPIDAURO GROUP, who selflessly, make themselves available for us year after year, and even urge us to continue organizing activities that benefit the most needy. it happens.

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