America’s Least and Most Expensive Fast Food

    McDonald's tuvo un aumento de precio del 11.5 % de 2021 a 2022; sin embargo, sus hamburguesas no son las más caras.

    Hamburgers, French fries and soft drinks are not exempt from inflation. Fast food prices at the most popular chains in the United States have increased dramatically compared to last year, according to a price analysis by MoneyGeek. With these data it is also possible to know what is the least and most expensive fast food in the country.

    The financial advice site analyzed the prices of 145 restaurant chains in the 50 largest cities in the United States. It was found that from 2021 to 2022, prices increased by 9% on average.

    MoneyGeek data reveals that fast food is more expensive in some cities and franchises.

    Cities where fast food is more expensive

    San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York were the most expensive cities for a hamburger, chips and soft drinks, where it costs consumers more than $14 per meal at major chains. In San Francisco it costs $15.30; in Los Angeles $14.59 and New York $14.22.

    Burger King is noted as the chain that had the largest price increase of any fast food chain, with an increase of 21% in 39 major cities. The cost of food went up from $6.76 in 2021 to $8.18 this year. However, it is not the chain where you pay the most for a hamburger.

    most expensive fast food

    The most expensive hamburgers are at Five Guys. Customers pay about $20 for a hamburger, fries, and soda. The chain saw an increase of $2.37 from 2021, up 13.5%.

    cheapest fast food

    At McDonald’s, the fast food chain that sells the most burgers, a burger, fries, and soda cost about $6.19an 11.5% price increase from 2021 to 2022.

    MoneyGeek found that a burger, fries, and soda in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they averaged just $6.55.

    Other less expensive cities for fast food were El Paso ($7.79), New Orleans ($7.93), Detroit ($8.79), Austin ($8.88), Denver ($9.19), Memphis ($9.28), Indianapolis ($9.30), and Atlanta ($9.36).

    Average food price per chain

    1. Five Guys-$19.95
    2. Wendy’s-$10.25
    3. Jack in the Box $10.20
    4. Burger King $8.18
    5. McDonald’s $6.19

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