Monday, March 20, 2023
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Ajit Doval  on the path of ‘game changer’, 3 army chiefs in a meeting with Modi


Bright Times News: The Center had made it clear on Sunday that they were reluctant to leave the ‘fire path’. Three unwavering forces. The Navy has even brought forward the recruitment calendar of firefighters by three days. Speaking on the controversial project for the first time on Tuesday, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval said, “There is no question of withdrawing the Agnipath project.”

But what is it? Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General B.S. Raju claimed that Agnipath was being launched as a pilot project. Over the next four years, an in-depth review and overall review of the project will be required, in which case corrections are required.

There is no message from the government. However, a large number of retired army officers have been saying from the beginning that the government should have gotten involved in the pilot project before starting the project.

In this atmosphere, rumors have spread around the meeting of the Prime Minister with the Chiefs of the three forces. According to sources, the firefighters are also eligible to receive chakra awardsards in recognition of their bravery in the army, the defence ministry said on the day.

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In the evening of the same day, the Prime Minister held a meeting with the Chiefs of the three Armies at her residence in Delhi. According to sources, Modi spoke to the three chiefs for 30 minutes separately. What was said, however, was not known until the night.

The proposed project calls for the ‘intake’ of 25 percent of firefighters into the force after four years. But what will happen to the remaining 75 percent – this is the question that practically the whole country is on fire. The suffering of the people is increasing due to the cancellation of 500 trains on an average every day. It was in this context that several corporates on Monday promised jobs to firefighters at the end of their four-year term.

On this day, BJP leader and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar gave a ‘guarantee’ of the job. He tweeted on Tuesday, “I am announcing that the Haryana government will give government jobs to the firefighters who have returned after four years of service.” I guarantee that none of the firefighters will be unemployed.

Yet where the anger stops!

The Center has taken up the project of recruiting ‘guest’ troops, keeping in mind the demands of a large section of the opposition and protesters, keeping in mind the 24 votes, and giving up the responsibility of giving pensions. In this way, the center is disrespecting the young generation as well as the army. Many have also raised questions about how the firefighters will face off with just six months of training.

National Security Adviser Doval, however, dismissed all allegations, saying, “It is not right to look at this project separately. His goal is to secure and strengthen India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said shortly after coming to power in 2014. The issue of national security is dynamic. It can’t stop at one place. “

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