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Airline Baggage: This item is strictly prohibited

Everyone knows that sharp objects that can be used as edged weapons are strictly prohibited from being taken on board an aircraft. This little utensil, though harmless in appearance, can cause you a lot of trouble at the airport.

When going on a trip, many travelers take whatever they find practical during the flight and during the layover. However, most of them know that some things are strictly prohibited in the plane.

For example, items like corkscrews and lighters will still be kept at the airport, as neither of those are allowed in carry-on baggage. Another utensil, very practical for drinking, that falls under the category of prohibited items on the plane.

Last week, a traveler learned this rule the hard way. He was stopped. (Photo by: Gabriel | Adobe Stock)

Vampire straw, a strictly prohibited item in hand luggage

These are straws, or more accurately what are commonly called “vampire straws”. It is a type of long reusable titanium straw, most commonly used for drinking thick drinks such as smoothies and milkshakes.

The vampire straw looks exactly like a regular straw, except that it is made of a metal material, usually 25 cm in length, with a sharp end.

According to renowned knife maker Szaboink, quoted by The Sun this Friday, April 28, this Straw Joe ” Most comfortable to use to drink any thick milkshake or smoothie with ease ” Is also ” designed for self defense ,

, The Vampire Straw is super tough and long enough to be used as a dagger. Its chisel point is sharp enough to pierce most synthetic materials “states the manufacturer on their website.

And this is the reason why these straws are not allowed in hand luggage. Last week, a passenger found out about this rule the hard way when he was about to board a plane at Boston International Airport in the United States.

Traveler arrested for carrying vampire straws in his luggage

According to US media, the passenger was arrested on Tuesday, April 25, during a security check at Boston airport for carrying a vampire straw, which is believed to be a dagger-like self-defense weapon, in his luggage.

The 26-year-old passenger from Chicago was immediately arrested. He will be prosecuted by Massachusetts state authorities for possession of a dangerous weapon. According to the latest news, he has been released on bail, but soon he will have to appear in the court.

In its Twitter account, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the New England region confirmed the information. The agency also shared a picture of a vampire straw to remind travelers that it is a prohibited item in carry-on baggage.

, This is a vampire straw. The following items are not allowed in hand luggage “, can we read in the tweet.” That’s what a traveler realized yesterday at Boston’s Logan Airport when the Massachusetts State Police confiscated the item And arrested him,” adds the same source.

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