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Age is just a number! Nanaji surprised everyone by doing business for 85 years

Age is just a number! Nanaji surprised everyone by doing business for 85 years

Bright Times News: Dreams have no age. Not even to start anything. And 85-year-old Radhakrishna Choudhary, a resident of Gujarat, proved it with his own life. But not many people seem to know him by this name. Because he is better known as ‘Nanaji’.

Seeing his daughter’s hair falling, he made the oil for the head with his own hands, in his way. To be sure of the quality of the oil, he first applied the oil to his hair. After getting positive results, he gave it to his relatives and friends. As everyone praised his oil, he realized that his efforts were not in vain.

His acquaintances spread the word of his prepared oil on social media. As a result, the demand for his handmade oil increased. Eventually, word of his oil spread to the wider population during the Covid pandemic. The business became so successful that at the age of 85 he bought his first car. He also shared the words and photos on his Instagram.

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Nanaji was always interested in Ayurveda. He also practiced continuously on it. After finally seeing the girl’s hair fall six months ago in December 2021, Avimee Herbal launched its oil product. Which is now being talked about by many people. Even, from which actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Kapoor is not excluded.

Nanaji said, “There is no substitute for hard work. Worked for 25 years. As a result of which this success has come.” But behind this success is the contribution of Nanaji’s wife. Nanaji’s shadow companion was his wife throughout the oil-making period and beyond. Who is currently Nanaji’s business partner?

However, despite the love and support of many people, Nanaji’s journey was not smooth. Because there have been opposing opinions about his oil from many sides. It has even been alleged that Nanaji’s Khel is nothing but a hoax. Although Nanaji refuses to give any importance to all these matters.

All these adverse criticisms and oblique comments could not stop him. Rather, he is steadfast in his vision. Nanaji knows and believes that dreams have no age! But after dreaming, you have to work hard to make it a reality. Criticism and opposition will remain in life. But it is never bigger than a dream.

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