Monday, March 20, 2023
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A week before the legislative election, Democrats go to Barack Obama to save them


Former President Barack Obama at a campaign event in Detroit with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmere

According to most surveys, Joe Biden’s discharge rating hovers around 40 percent, which is far from ideal. That’s why a week and a day before the midterm election — in which control of the Senate and House of Representatives are at stake — Biden has been sacked by the party for speaking to party donors at some events in the Washington area (where it is still very strong).

But in the emptiness created by Biden’s absence from campaigns across the country, a familiar face has reappeared: Barack Obama, The former president (and former boss of the current president) is arguably the most influential figure in the Democratic Party. And they have decided to use that power to support their candidates.

The Obama team was flooded with requests to appear at various campaign events across the country. Of course, he can’t go to all of them, but for those who can’t appear in person, he has recorded audio for television, for programs, or for use in radio commercials.

during the weekend, The former president visited Minnesota, a key state where Democrats are fighting for the re-election of Governor Tony Evers, who is tied with his Republican rival, according to polls. Evers is a former science teacher who wears glasses. Demonstrating his sense of humour, Obama introduced him at an event as someone more like Clark Kent than Superman, but warned the audience to “don’t be fooled by the glasses.”

During the week, Obama is going to visit three major states for both the Senate and gubernatorial races for the Democrats. Tomorrow, he will be in Nevada, then on Wednesday, will travel to Arizona and conclude the week in Pennsylvania, where he will meet Biden over the weekend.

Obama Congratulates Democratic Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes In Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Obama congratulates Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Biden, for his part, will go to safer places. explicitly democratic states, where their popularity is higher than the national average, such as Oregon, California and Maryland, As already stated, in a hard-fought Pennsylvania, he would appear to be backed by Obama, not alone.

While Obama is extremely popular and charismaticEven during his presidency, it was difficult for him to transfer that popularity to other candidates in his party., In the two midterm elections he faced as president, the Democrats lost against the Republicans by a wide margin, something that usually happens to presidents of both parties.

But beyond Obama’s past effectiveness, the reality is that his figure continues to attract. For the Wisconsin campaign he recorded a simple clip in which he accused Republican Senator Ron Johnson of protecting his millionaire friends by voting against protecting Social Security, which got more than 12 million views in two days.

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