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A tool to fight food waste in South Western Ontario

at the bakery Leon Breads, In London, started using the app for my business three weeks ago.

During these three weeks, we sold at least 50 surprise baskets. Now our customers have increased by 10%Mona Abraham, manager of the bakery, explains. According to him, the results are positive.

According to Mona Abraham (left), the app has made her business more widely known in the London area.

Photo: Courtesy of Mona Abraham

, It is very practical to distribute the surplus of our products at the end of the day instead of throwing them in the dustbin. ,

, a quote from Mona Abraham, manager of Chez Leon Breads

About 100 Metro grocery stores in Ontario also use the app too good to go Since the beginning of 2023.

We recover approximately 2% of our bakery products that return to consumptionexplains Alain Lafreniere, manager of the Metro store in Orleans.

, The application gives us an opportunity to offer a product that is still good for consumption which was being thrown in the dustbin. ,

, a quote from Alain Lafreniere, manager of the Metro store in Orleans

Mr. Lafreniere recalls that before the application, 3 to 4% of bakery products were sent to the trash.

According to a spokesman for Nicholas Dot too good to go, Southwestern Ontario residents throw away an average of six meals per household per week. This would amount to an invisible bill of $148 per month.

He says there are already more than 90 local food businesses on the app in southwestern Ontario, including London and Windsor.

basket low prices

spokesman for too good to go specifies that food businesses can thus collect their surpluses into wonder baskets that consumers can buy at a third of the price.

We are giving away Surprise Cake Baskets for $9.99, which includes [des produits] Value $30 or moresays Mr. Lafreniere.

He also points out that baskets of $18 baked goods are being sold for less than $6 through the app.

, This is a 100% winning concept for consumers, retailers and the environment when we know that food waste represents 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. ,

, a quote from Nicholas Dot, Parole Too Good to Go

According to, 5,200 food stores in 13 cities across Canada have saved more than 1.6 million meals since launching in July 2021.

He says the free app connects consumers with local food businesses that have leftover food at the end of each day.

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