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A tiktoker decided to demolish an old myth about driver’s licenses in the United States

Charles Edward Spina is a renowned tiktoker of Mexican origin who gives advice on different situations and legal frameworks in the United States, especially for Latino migrants who plan to reside there or for those who already do.

Among the recurring questions of your community always appears the subject of the driver’s license of that countryso in one of his last videos on his account @carlos_eduardo_espina he decided to talk about that document and shoot down an important myth about him. In addition, he gave recommendations on what to do in case of being stopped by a highway police officer.

the content creator shared a video showing how an officer detained a citizen for apparently driving without a license. He accused him of breaking the rules and told him that he had to give him a ticket, since he did not have a Texas driver’s license.

Apparently, the uniformed woman insinuated that she should have a license for each entity of the United States territory and, since he was in Texas on that occasion, then the license he was carrying was invalid.

The peculiar characteristic of driver’s licenses in the US

The tiktoker, who in addition to studying law is an activist for the rights of immigrants, immediately reacted to the situation and assured that this was not the case, since in the US a license is valid for the entire country regardless of the state in which it was issued.

That is why it is so important to know your rights and know the laws… It is completely illogical. Imagine, it would be almost impossible to travel from one state to another, “he argued. “There are 50 states, so 50 licenses would have to be taken out…”, mentioned a user in the form of a joke, in the comments section.

Although a permit is not needed to transit through each state of the North American country, it is there are different categories to classify drivers. According to your occupation or the purpose with which you use your vehicles, it is the document that you must process. Of course, each entity also has its own rules to approve a license.

It is the one processed by almost every American, since You can enter both the commercial and non-commercial classification. The main feature is that it has no restrictions for drivers when driving.

They are the most “normal” from the consideration of some. These authorize the minors to drive legally in the country.

To get a driver’s license in the US, the requirements do depend exclusively on each stateFreePik

It is special for those who want to work in driving taxis, trucks or any other passenger transport. It also has the characteristics of a motorist’s license.

These types of licenses are not easily assigned. The exam to obtain it is quite complicated, since the US authorities consider that a motorcyclist must be 100% trained to travel on the roads.

It is a document that can also be used as the Federal REAL ID, with which citizenship of the country is proven. This license is not issued in all states.


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