Monday, March 27, 2023
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A Guide to Understanding the ‘Midterms’, Midterm Elections in America


in these elections 435 seats in the House of Representativeswhose representatives are elected every two years, and only more than one Senate’s third seat, where each senator is elected for a six-year term. especially they are in the game 35 out of 100 seats of the upper house.

The Democratic majority in the first is quite small: they control only two more seats out of the 218 that the majority grants. His majority in the Senate is even weaker. Each party has 50 seats, but House rules allow the vice president, Democrats. Kamala HarrisFiltering the result in case of a tie.

Looking at November 8, results are taken lightly in most constituencies. Or put another way, it is already known which party will win in many of these. in the House of Representatives only Really Thirty Seats for Grab and it is expected that the suburbs of large cities Pennsylvania, california, ohio You North Carolina be decisive. There are about half a dozen seats in the Senate that can change hands (Nevada, Arizona, GeorgiaPennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin,

there will also be elections in 36 states To elect its governors, to renew its legislatures and fundamental positions for the electoral process. Here the result can be of vital importance The future of democracy In the US if Republicans challenge future elections again, as it did in 2020. Therefore, the party that controls Secretary of State You attorney general Will play a decisive role in the certification of the 2024 presidential election.

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