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853 deaths in 2022: fatalities record at US-Mexico border

853 deaths in 2022: fatalities record at US-Mexico border

heyThe bishops of the United States and Mexico hold a mass celebration at the border in memory of the dead migrants.

Several dozen migrants carrying flags of their respective countries joined on both sides of the border. Those who are in Mexico with the hope that they are able to cross into the United States and fulfill an American dream that condemns the extreme conditions that make life impossible in their countries of origin.

On a wooden platform set up near the Rio Grande, led by six bishops from both countries Jose Guadalupe TorreS, Bishop of Ciudad Juárez, celebrates a Christian mass in what has been the deadliest year for immigrants who want to move to the United States.

At least 853 migrants have died since January trying to cross Mexico’s border with Texas without documents. The fatality which is higher than the 546 deaths recorded in 2021. Both figures do not include those killed in Mexican territory or in the past en route to those from South America and Central America.

priest Francis Xavier CalvilleOr, the director of the Casa del Migrante in Ciudad Juárez, expands the scope of the tragedy beyond this limit:“The purpose, right, is to pray for the dead migrants, but also to raise our voice for what is happening to Venezuelans, Haitians, Africans. Why are we talking about those dead migrants, but We also have to talk about those migrants who are dead because they have no right to the laws that play with them.”

The priests asked that the governor and legislators regulate migration fairly so that they favor migrants and refugees.



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